Incheon Moraenae Market

About Moraenae Market

Good price, Easy to access, Human warmth A market place that growth
along with its customers

It is a traditional market located in Guwol-dong
which is the hub of Incheon's economy
The market opened in 1982 and grew into the best market place
in Namdong-gu, with the support and love of the residents of the area.
With the modernized facilities and the training of the merchants
to serve the customers better, enhancing thier marketing awareness
we are always at work to provide our customers with better services

A Market Place Where We Proted
the Tradition and Seek Innovation

A place with a lot to see and taste, with the human touch and warmth!
We invite you to Moraenae Market!

A closer market place, a happier market place!
Let us share the human warmth
in Moraenae Market.
It's Moraenaemarket.