Incheon Moraenae Market

Moraenae Market

There is something special with Moraenae Market

Incheon's future heritage, Moraenae Market!!
Enjoy the youngest and largest market place in Incheon!

Good price wide walkways, and delivery services.
There are large apartment complexes and residential areas nearby, providing a large pool of potential customers.
And, there are three bus stops along with Moraenae Market Station of Incheon Subway Line No.2 providing excellent accessibility.

The market place was selected as the cultural tourism type market place program of the Ministry of SME and Startups twice, in 2015 and 2019, which is a rare achievement and a proof of its popularity as the hot place in Incheon.
The Market place is also the venue of famous festivals, such as the NOMAEK festival, which will wash out the heat of the summer and the Autumn Festival, which is held in the crisp autumn weathers.

Indication of the prices and the country of origin, safety management, keeping the customer lines, refunds, replacement, credit card acceptance, zero-pay, Onnoori coupons, and hygienic compliance campaigns are a part of our efforts to provide the best customer service there is.