Incheon Moraenae Market

Tourist Attractions

There are a lot to see next to Moraenae Market!

Cherry Blossom Festival, Incheon Grand Park

The surrounding area are designated as the 'Green Belt', allowing the visitors to enjoy the idyllic view in the center of the cith. The key facilities include a botanical garden containing 6550 plant specimens of 332 species from 92 families, the Rose Garden with more than 10,300 rose plants, the Children's Zoo with more than 231 animals of 58 species, an arboretum of 230,000㎡, Environment and Future Pavilion, bicycle plaza, Mt. Gwanmo trail, and all-season sleigh courses, The Cherry Blossom Festival of Incheon Grand Park held in every spring is highly popular and visited by many a number of vistors

Sorae Pogu Festival

Sorae Pogu is a fishing port and a natural harbor in the West Coast, located in Nonhyeon-dong, Namdong-ug, with a romantic view and atmosphere. The area also hosts Sorae Pogu Festival, where you can find the taste, style, and fun. It is a fun experience for all participants with fresh fish, things to buy, events to enjoy and things to watch and learn about the tradition and modernity